Firmware (embedded Software)

Correct planning is critical for the quality and efficiency of complex systems - particularly where firmware development is concerned. Excellence in design is the only way to guarantee smooth, flawless interaction of all hardware, software and firmware components to result in a stable system with a long operating life. 

For this reason, at ISZ we prioritize:

  • Comprehensive, structured firmware designs
  • Modular / strictly hierarchical architecture
  • Uniform coding style and standardized APIs
  • Compliance with even "hard" real-time requirements
  • Test strategy at module and system level
  • Detailed documentation

Our expertise covers all levels of firmware development, from peripheral drivers and hardware abstraction layers to high-level applications..

We implement your application in line with your needs, based on modern embedded operating systems or as a main loop machine. Our programming languages of choice are "C" or "C++", or  In Assembler if rapid development is critical.

Thanks to our decades of experience and use of the latest compilers, emulators and testing tools, we offer outstanding firmware quality at attractive conditions.

In addition to complete applications, we supply:

  • Implementation of hardware-related drivers
  • Alignment of embedded operating systems
  • Board support packages (generic peripheral drivers etc.)
  • Development of own communication stacks (e.g. CAN, Ethernet)
  • Driver integration (CAN, LIN, CIA447)
  • Fail-save bootloaders
  • Medical firmware development (DIN EN 62304)

Some of the processors used frequently in our projects:

ARM7, ARM9, XSCALE, Cortex M3, ATMEL AVR Atmega, Renesas SH3, NEC V850, 78K0, Freescale, HC12, ST7, ST10, Texas Instruments MSP430 etc.