Hardware and software are developed in parallel, ensuring that you receive an optimized, perfectly aligned system. After completion of HW planning, we provide you with a mechanical sample of your complete device on request.

Our hardware services:

  • Specifications and development of electronic assemblies
  • Complex hardware designs
  • Analogue and digital circuit development
  • Ultra-low-power designs
  • Fast startup designs
  • EMC-compliant layout production
  • Impedance-controlled routing
  • Enclosure concept and design
  • Heat management
  • Prototype manufacture (incl. parts procure)
  • Measurement technology validation
  • Design optimization

Our hardware and mechanical development units work closely together under one roof - guaranteeing optimum coordination throughout the development of your product.

Our development processes use high-end tools from brands including:

  • Altium Designer (Schematics / Layout)
  • AutoCad Inventor
  • NI Spice Simulation
  • OrCad PCB → Allegro
  • Mentor Expedition