In line with our philosophy, "Everything under one roof", we also provide development services for PC tools and drivers that link the world of PCs and embedded systems, and applications for system configuration, data processing and data visualization.

We look after the connection of embedded products to your PC's system platform, enabling you to start working with your application immediately - no need to worry about low-level software (operating systems, device drivers etc.)!

Precise, understandable and consistent documentation covering everything from software specification to version description is naturally supplied.

Benefit from our long-standing experience in software programming in Visual C++ und C#.

Custom software development (Windows / Linux):

  • Driver development incl. signing
  • Configuration and communication tools for hardware connection
  • Programming, testing and configuration tools
  • Simulation software
  • Data stream tracing, logging and visualization
  • Measurement value recording and evaluation software
  • Configuration tools for embedded systems
  • Control and evaluation software for automated hardware and firmware testing
  • Production testing software
  • Medical software development (DIN EN 62304)